Merchant Cash Advance Debt Relief

Consolidating all cash advances into a single loan allows a business to free up cash-flow, speeding up their repayment of debt and lowering their business’s debt ratios. These types of financial institutions include:

  • Midprime Financing
  • Reverse Consolidation
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Institutional Lenders
  • MCA Consolidation Specialists

The required debt size and documentation needed will be different for each institution. If you find an institution that requires a lot of documentation, don’t shy away. They may offer the best terms because of their stringent requirements.

Debt Relief Companies Who Specialize in MCA Debt

There are companies that provide the service of business loan modification. This is commonly referred to as MCA debt relief. The services these companies provide is negotiating a restructured payment plan and term with your creditors. This option should be a strong consideration when consolidating isn’t an option. National Credit Partners is member of the American Fair Credit Council.

Most MCA relief companies offer certain perks during the program. These include:

  • To protect your business’s finances.
  • To negotiate a low enough settlement that it is manageable and offers sufficient relief.
  • Ability to save the funds needed to pay the final settlement.
  • To ultimately settle your MCA debt.

Lower MCA Debt By Contacting Your Lenders Directly

If you are not dealing with multiple, or a lot of MCAs, you may want to contact your lenders yourself. You may be able to get them to extend the term. If they are unwilling to work with you directly, let them know that you will be seeking the help of a debt settlement company that specializes in business debt. This will either make them more willing to help – or let you know seeking help is your best option.

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