How Can National Credit Partners Help Your Business Rebuild Lender Relationships?

When small and medium-sized businesses are facing various types of financial hardship – from collections to summons to complaints – a debt modification company like National Credit Partners can offer proven solutions that you may have not considered.


Below we will review some of the ways in which National Credit Partners can help you and your small or medium-sized business rebuild relationship with lenders and other various types of creditors. We’ll also take a look at how National Credit Partners offers a number of debt relief and modification solutions that can be invaluable to a distressed business like yours.


Below we will take a look at the potential risks of loan stacking, review how many loans a business can actually have at once, and discuss the debt relief and modification solutions National Credit Partners offers for every type of small or medium-sized business in need

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How Can My Business Rebuild Relationships with Lenders/Creditors?


At National Credit Partners, we do not serve as a debt collection company. Rather, we identify solutions for business debt relief and/or modification that can help you continue operating in the short term while identifying long-term options for success.


Some of the most common ways National Credit Partners helps small and medium-sized distressed businesses like yours is by negotiating directly with lenders/creditors on your behalf. Let’s look at how National Credit Partners can work to rebuild relationships between you and your creditors.


Renegotiate: Similar to refinancing, renegotiating the terms of your loan, merchant cash advance, credit line, etc. can be an excellent means of not only repairing a lender relationship but also ensuring that your company remains in good standing and up-to-date on payments. Renegotiating terms of a loan or merchant cash advance, however, can require the skill and experience of a professional debt relief/modification specialist like those at National Credit Partners. We can work directly on your behalf with any and all lenders/creditors to help ensure a renegotiation of terms that allows you to keep making payments, remain in good standing, and rebuild your lender/creditor relationships.


Restructure: Are you facing an insurmountable monthly payment as a result of a merchant cash advance or loan with an excessive annual percentage rate (which, in some cases, can exceed 200%)? National Credit Partners may be able to help you and your business successfully restructure your debt. National Credit Partners’ debt relief and modification specialists can review your current debts and develop a precise plan that helps your relationships with creditors be preserved.

Why Choose National Credit Partners to Rebuild Your Lender/Creditor Relationships?


At National Credit Partners, our goal is to not just help your small or medium-sized business rebuild relationships, but to identify and apply proven debt relief and modification solutions that allow your business to remain operational and continue making payments while also addressing long-term goals and enabling you to qualify for future financing, etc. When you reach out to National Credit Partners, we’ll develop a precise strategy for determining what debt relief and modification options are available that can help your small business achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals that get you back in good standing with creditors. Securing the services of National Credit Partners can be significantly more advantageous for your small business’s short and long-term goals when compared to working through a debt collection company.

Unlike debt collection companies, we at National Credit Partners handle the responsibility of dealing directly and immediately with your lenders and creditors to identify and apply proven debt relief and modification solutions.

At National Credit Partners, we are not a debt collection company. Rather, we help small and medium-sized businesses like yours identify customized debt relief and modification solutions based on your specific situation or hardship.

If your business is distressed and requires immediate short and long-term debt relief or modification solutions, National Credit Partners is here to help get you back on track the right way.

At National Credit Partners, we help small businesses like yours identify debt relief and debt modification solutions as soon as possible. If you’re struggling to obtain traditional financing, we can identify unique options created specifically to your small business’s needs which allow for immediate cash flow, but also get your company on the path towards traditional financing approval in the near future.

Unlike most other debt relief companies, National Credit Partners offers two critical advantages that can help your business improve its financial condition for the long-term:

  • We strive to ensure that all advances are shown as ‘paid in full’ rather than ‘settled for less’ – assuring your business remains in good standing with lenders and qualifies for future financing.
  • We provide every client with both debt restructuring and legal guidance

We’ve successfully helped small businesses facing significant financial challenges – including defaults, collections, and legal actions – achieve permanent debt relief solutions. In fact, many of our distressed business clients were able to qualify for traditional financing (like SBA or term loans) after graduating our program.

With our years of experience and proven results, the National Credit Partners team of dedicated professionals is here to help your business find a debt relief solution that is tailored to directly meet your needs, challenges, and future goals.

Call us today at (949) 272-9082 or fill out the contact form below to arrange for a free and no obligation consultation with one of our skilled team members. We’ll review your company’s specific circumstances thoroughly and discreetly and utilize our decades of experience and proven results to help you achieve your financial goals.

Don’t settle for an unproven debt relief professional that could potentially make your business’s situation worse through inexperience. Choose National Credit Partners, the company offering direct, strong, and proven relationships established with countless creditors. We’ve helped companies achieve the financial solutions they need to make fresh starts, and can do the same for your business by identifying the personalized debt relief option that is right for you.

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