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How Business Debt Relief Works

We help small businesses gain relief from their business debt by modifying loan terms and restructuring their payments This type of program helps businesses struggling with high interest business loans such as merchant cash advances.

It’s in the best interest of an unsecured loan business lender to work with us on your behalf. Why? Because unsecured debts aren’t tied to collateral. This being the case, it’s better for your lenders when you stay in business rather than force you into bankruptcy. If you have no choice but to go the bankruptcy route, your creditors know they may end up getting a lesser pay back.

Our job is to work directly with you and your lenders to get you the most relief from your merchant or other unsecured business debts. When consolidating through traditional means, business debt relief is good alternative.

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How Effective is Business Debt Relief

National Credit Partners provides customized small business debt relief programs, empowering businesses with the solutions they need to get their operations back on track. We can’t speak for all business debt relief companies, but we can speak for ours. At National Credit Partners, we take what we do very seriously. We know in the beginning our clients are overwhelmed with debt and high payments.

When we first speak with the stress that their debt has put on them is very apparent. This is why our first job is to let our clients know that they’re not alone and that there is hope. Thousands of other business facing similar financial situations have had their debt stress lifted by a relief and restructuring program such as ours. There’s no reason you can’t do the same.

Our debt relief program is designed to accomplish three main things:

  1. Reduce your payments
  2. Pay off your debts
  3. Revive your cash flow

Types of Business Debt We Work With

Merchant Cash Advances

This is an option that gives business funds needed for operating or overhead based on future sales and revenue. With these types of loans, funds are available quickly and are typically electronically deposited into the merchant’s bank account. In many cases, business owners find themselves unable to keep up with the commonly high daily payments and interest rates associated with these types of loans. For situations such as this, a business debt relief program such as ours is a viable solution.

Business Line of Credit and Credit Cards

Provides some advantages over merchant loans, but they also have their cons like any debt. In most cases, the interest rate is less than that of a merchant loan, but still high in comparison to a secured loan. Business credit cards are also fairly easy to get approved for and since the payment terms are more flexible than most other business loan types, a business owner can spend a lot of money on a business credit card without noticing just how much until the payments become unmanageable. Our debt relief program can help gain the relief you need from these types of credit cards. We can even include them in a program with other debt types. Give us a call today to start the process of becoming debt-free and cash flow positive.

Know Your Options

If you are experiencing a significant financial burden due to your business debt, we offer debt relief solutions tailored to your needs and goals. We provide a full suite of debt relief for small business owners that addresses a wide variety of financial concerns.

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Why Us?

We Have Helped Businesses Restructure Millions in Debt. We have over 20 years of combined experience in the industry and an A+ BBB Rating. Our process increases cash flow and eliminates debt.
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Who We Are

National Credit Partners is a business financial firm that specializes in business debt relief and business loan modification. By leveraging our knowledge of the Merchant Cash Advance industry and relationships with direct lenders, we are able to get results quickly and mitigate any legal action.
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National Credit Partners

Provides a lifeline for over-extended business owners who are drowning in debt.

  • Reduce your business debt payments by up to 50%-80%
  • Improve business cash flow quickly
  • Save your business from closing